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Sound Designer
Show Producer
Owner: Ryedan Productions

Ron is an award winning composer and sound designer for film,

video games and theme park entertainment. He has been recognized by

BAFTA, Interactive Arts and Sciences, MPSE, Promax, G.A.N.G.,

Navgtr, and the Thea Awards. 

Ron is currently the audio director at Animal Repair Shop, the studio that is responsible for the AR release of the year: Arkham Files Panic in the Street

Ron has scored some of the most successful video game franchises, including  titles such as Batman Arkham Asylum, Batman Arkham City, 

and God of War 1, 2, 3.

In location based entertainment, Ron was the audio director for: “Pacific Rim Shatterdome Strike” for Trans Studio. 

 Ron also scored “The Black Hole” for Universal Studios in Osaka. 

Ron mixed the rides Harry Potter and The Minions for the opening of Universal Beijing.

He completed the score and sound design for the Warner Brothers

Theme Park in Abu Dhabi collaborating with Thinkwell Entertainment.

He composed the score for the Batman ride which is the “E” ticket ride,

The Joker's Playhouse, as well as all the music and sound design for

the Gotham area of the park.

Ron was with Walt Disney Imagineering for eight years.

He was responsible for composing music and designing sound

for many of the featured rides throughout their theme parks worldwide.

As the head of audio for Disney’s Playmation, he worked in the

Research and Development Department at Disney on the

application of audio in VR and AR, as it applied to the Star Wars Challenge project.

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